The adventure of wool dyeing began for us over 30 yrs ago,

The first week we were in business with out Wool Carding operation we were approached by a customer to dye 30kg of mohair fleece.

Never one to say 'No" we accepted the challange to learn something new, and so our dyeing adventure began.

For over 10 yrs we dyed fleece, yarn and garments for customers.

Now after a 20 yr break, having spent some of this time in the wool sheds learning how to shear the sheep,and prepare the fleeces for sale we are now returning to our love of this most amazing fibre to be part of nz indie yarn dyers.

For much of the intervening years we had a  Ceramics studio where we were dealing with colour through glazes .

So now we are combining the things we love the most, fantastic colour with the most amazing of  fibres...New Zealand  Wool