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Kelt is a unique and exclusive 4-ply Merino yarn that captures the essence of a salmon after it has completed its incredible journey of spawning. This particular yarn is part of a one-off dye batch, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Kelt is crafted from high-quality Merino wool fibers, known for their softness, warmth, and luxurious feel. What sets Kelt apart is its distinctive mix of leftover dyes, resulting in a captivating array of colors and shades. Each skein tells a story of the dyeing process, reflecting the vibrant remnants of previous creations.

The color palette of Kelt is reminiscent of the salmon's life cycle. The yarn showcases a range of hues inspired by the spawning journey: from warm, earthy tones symbolizing the riverbeds to soft, pale pinks and grey neutrals that represent the salmon's delicate skin.

With its 4-ply construction, Kelt offers excellent stitch definition and durability, allowing you to create stunning garments, accessories, and other handcrafted items. From cozy sweaters and shawls to intricate socks and hats, this yarn will bring a touch of nature's resilience and beauty to your projects.

Embrace the extraordinary with Kelt, a limited-edition yarn that celebrates the intricate and awe-inspiring cycle of life, inviting you to create something truly unique and meaningful.

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The finer details

Yarn Base

100% Merino Yarn


100 g


4ply Merino 400mtrs

Washing Instructions

Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent.

We try to ensure that the dye is colour fast but sometimes a small amount of colour bleeding may occur during the first few washes.

Variations in device screens make colour accuracy a challange. We have endeavoured to get photos as exact as possible.

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